Skrill Adds Support to Bitcoin and Three Other Cryptocurrencies, Price Drops Under $8,000

In last week’s post the main question was whether the Bitcoin would manage to hold its position above $8,000. Regardless the enthusiasm, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency lost its strength and dropped under the threshold.

The situation was positive until yesterday when a significant fall landed the Bitcoin at $7,723. Ever since, the Bitcoin has been moving up and down this line, with its current price being $7,612.

As news like Skrill adding Bitcoin and possible price movements remain in the focus of attention, Forbes reveals the top 10 Bitcoin cities in the world. According to the popular portal, Prague, Czech Republic and Buenos Aires, Argentina are leading Bitcoin cities; these two hubs boast with a respective number of 147 and 141 crypto businesses. The top five list is concluded with San Francisco, USA, Madrid, Spain and New York, USA.

Other analysis worth-mentioning include the CNBC article claiming that millennials are 5 times more likely than adults to claim that Bitcoin was the best way for the future. Moreover, another article focusing on millennials and Bitcoin claims that 75% of them are more likely to date someone who’s into Bitcoin.

Skrill Adds Support to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum

Possibly the best news surrounding the Bitcoin since our last blog post was the fact that Skrill has added support to Bitcoin and three other cryptocurrencies; more precisely, Skrill users can now buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum via the safe and secure Skrill platform.

Skrill has been recognized as a top choice when it comes to making online payments as well as money transactions thanks to their sleek e-wallet, low fees and fast processing times. Therefore, Skrill accepting Bitcoin in addition to 40 other fiat currencies is a huge win for the cryptocurrency. After all, the online payment service has more than 25 million customers from more than 30 countries around the world.

The option has already been rolled out to most of the countries where Skrill operates. USA and Russia, however, are not on the list of those countries due to their strict regulations regarding cryptocurrencies.

To make things even better, the CEO of Skrill and its sister company Neteller, Lorenzo Pellegrino, has revealed that Neteller will soon follow the steps of Skrill. Thus, Bitcoin fans will have two reliable options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a fast and secure way.

Indicators Send a Strong Sell Signal

Those wondering what to expect from the Bitcoin in the days to come should keep in mind the strong sell signal of the technical indicators. Namely, seven out of 10 indicators, including the RSI, Williams %R and the ROC highlight selling as the smartest option.

The situation is similar among the moving averages as well, with eight out of 12 MA sending a sell signal. Positive signals send only the 5-day and the 10-day SMAs and EMAs.

Today’s opening price of Bitcoin was $7,726, with the highest price being not much higher $7,750. The lowest price, on the other hand, reveals a scary figure of $7,468. The market cap of Bitcoin is $0.131T, while the volume is 52,654.

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