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Bitcoin Breaks another Record

During the past two weeks the price of Bitcoin has set on a new course over $1,000 thanks to an unusually calm period with little reports of regulatory restrictions and negative events. With no new updates from China and the expectancy of the first Bitcoin ETF, the cryptocurrency has enjoyed

Bitcoin at $1,170; MySQL Databases Hacked

We’re starting this week with the price of Bitcoin back at $1,170 after it suffered a $35+ drop during weekend trading. The past couple of days have been fairly uneventful for the world of Bitcoins, which the price clearly reflected, as there have been no dramatic changes, apart from Saturday,

Bitcoin Hits a Record High; Sellers Regroup

We’re rounding up this week with another record for Bitcoin and the price above $1,160, only a day after it nearly breached the $1,200 mark thanks to a period of no negative market evens. However, it’s never a smooth ride for Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency has never been safe from

Bitcoin Tops $1,100; Danish Police Crack Anonymity

We’re right at the middle of the week with the price broken out of a new height, thanks to high volume and persistent buyer pressure. Like it seldom was in the past two weeks, the price keeps showing mild fluctuations, while the market is sending mixed signals. However, what’s different

Bitcoin at $1,050; Ransomware Panic Spreads

We’re starting the week with the Bitcoin price back over $1,050 and the market stuck on a very low volume. Thanks to the US holidays, the market liquidity is down, which gives more strength to whichever side prevails at the moment. But whether the price will hold ground or we’ll

Bitcoin breaks $1,040 on a Bull Push

We’re rounding up this business week with the price of Bitcoin back on a strong note, after an increased buying interest took over the trading market on Thursday and started pushing the price up. The price is currently close to the $1,035 mark, while the market trends are volatile from

Bitcoin at $1K; Sellers Test Price

After having a shaky start at the beginning of the week, Bitcoin is back at the $1,000 range, while the market remains relatively low-key. But while there are less signs of panic coming from Asian markets, there is still an overall selling trend sweeping the global market, as traders are

Bitcoin Recovers; Finally Strong Enough?

We’re at the start of a new week with the price back at $1,000 after suffering another drop due to concerns of tighter trading policies introduced by China’s largest Bitcoin exchanges. After a panic wave hit the market on Thursday, it seemed that losses were imminent, but once again the

Bitcoin takes a Plunge on PBOC Interference

We’re near the end of the week with the price of Bitcoins drastically different since our last update two days ago, a change reportedly once again due to Chinese exchanges, who after talks with the People’s Bank of China pulled the hand brake on Bitcoin sales. While some correction was

Bitcoin at $1,010; Venezuela Troubles Continue

The price of Bitcoin remained strong following the release of the NFP report on Friday, noting a near $10 increase since our last update. And just like many times before when the price reached this height, it suffered sporadic bursts of volatility which, at times, took it down and up