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Bitcoin at $1,010; Venezuela Troubles Continue

The price of Bitcoin remained strong following the release of the NFP report on Friday, noting a near $10 increase since our last update. And just like many times before when the price reached this height, it suffered sporadic bursts of volatility which, at times, took it down and up

Bitcoin Hits $960 Thanks to Trump?

This week turned to be another exciting period for Bitcoin, as the price saw a sudden jump on Tuesday afternoon, increasing for more than $30 in the course of less than six hours. The price boost has once again been linked to the actions of US President Donald Trump, and

Bitcoin Back at $920 on Low Volume

We’re starting off this week at relatively unchanged stance, with the price of Bitcoin fluctuating mildly within the $915-920 range. But what’s interesting to note is that the trading interest saw a significant drop during the weekend session without pulling back the price along with it. But whether the market

Bitcoin Breaks $910 on Increased Interest

Right before the weekend, things have started to pick up for Bitcoins and the price broke out of the $910 range. And all this is happening despite lowered interest from Chinese markets, which have been almost slashed by the newly-imposed buying fees since Tuesday. Who knows, we might now just

Bitcoin at $895; St.Louis Libraries Hacked

With one week until the end of this fairly turbulent month, the price of Bitcoin is still struggling to recover to its December highs. Just like we discussed in our last update, Tuesday brought another negative price change, one that was probably due to the official introduction of trading fees

Bitcoin on a Climb; Chinese Impose Trading Fees

With the Sunday trading session over, things are looking well for Bitcoins, as the price is still holding to the $920 support it broke through on Saturday. With fewer bursts of volatility noted in the past week that were nowhere as violent as in the first days of 2017, it

Bitcoin Drops Under $900 Again

In the past seven days traders saw a lot of incredible movements of the Bitcoin price. Just seven days ago the cryptocurrency was struggling around the $760 line, while only two days ago it hit a considerable high of $903.01. Naturally, ever since the $900 threshold has become reality, everyone’s

Bitcoin Breaks $900 on Bull Pressure

We’re right at the middle of the week with Bitcoin’s price still struggling to stay into one range thanks to regrouped buyer pressure on the market that sent the price back over $900, although briefly, less than a week after it plunged down to $755. Once again, it’s hard not