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Bitcoin Still at $1,000; Bubble Talks Spread

We’re at the end of the week with the price of Bitcoin still over $1,000, albeit very close to breaking that bottom line. After a month of setting records, a series of negative events has brought the cryptocurrency down, yet not as low as previous events have done. Thus, it

Hard Fork Fears Cause Price Drop; IRS Reveal Data

After trading near to $1,200 for weeks, Bitcoin to USD price has reversed back to below $1,050 during weekend trading on the back of high volume and, presumably, fears about the future of the cryptocurrency. And judging from the current market signals, the price is bound to take another hit

Bitcoin Drops Down on PBOC News

What was to be another great week for Bitcoin is turning sour as the cryptocurrency’s value started dropping last evening, even before the weekend. After staying strong in the face of an official rejection from the US Security and Exchange Commission and continuing to move upwards short after, hopes of

Bitcoin at $1,250; Other Currencies Spike

We’re at the middle of the week with the price of Bitcoin continuing its steady growth and marking a month of staying over $1,000, which is yet another milestone for the cryptocurrency. Despite the challenge it faced during the past days, Bitcoin still remained stable and with far less price

Bitcoin Bounces Back after ETF Crash

We’re starting off a fresh week with the price of Bitcoin back over $1,220 after panic struck the trading market from the SEC’s decision not to approve what would have been the first Bitcoin ETF (exchange trade fund). After suffering a sharp drop almost immediately after news of the rejection

Bitcoin at $1,180; Awaiting SEC’s Final Say

The price of Bitcoin has steadily reversed back to $1,180 in the eve of the US SEC’s (Securities and Exchange Commission) decision whether to approve what is to be the world’s first Bitcoin ETF or not. Coincidentally, at the same time there are updates coming from China’s PBOC’s about the

Bitcoin Price Takes a Plunge

Bitcoin’s upside trend has taken a sudden break, while the price rolled back for around $100 after nearly two weeks of growing steadily. This is all happening just before Saturday, when many Bitcoin supporters will be waiting for the final say of the US SEC. And judging from the current

Bitcoin Hits $1,270; More to Come?

We’re starting off this week with the price of Bitcoin near the $1,270 mark as seller pressure has lead to some corrections of the rising trend that began last week.  As the weekend approaches, Bitcoins are expected to stay strong in the face of the ETF approval this Saturday. However,

Bitcoin Price Tops Gold

We’re rounding up what has been one of the most successful weeks for Bitcoin with yet another record for the cryptocurrency, which for the first time had surpassed the price of gold. During the past couple of days the price has been on a steady rise on the eve of

Bitcoin Breaks another Record

During the past two weeks the price of Bitcoin has set on a new course over $1,000 thanks to an unusually calm period with little reports of regulatory restrictions and negative events. With no new updates from China and the expectancy of the first Bitcoin ETF, the cryptocurrency has enjoyed