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Bitcoin Bounces Back Over $7K; CFTC Hearing Goes Well

Bitcoin goes back towards $7.5K after having one of its most trying weekends in a while, once again proving skeptics that it’s here to stay. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency suffered a major drop during the weekend, causing a correlated drop in other altcoins and halving the market capitalization of the

Bitcoin Plunges; Bitconnect Shuts Exchange

Bitcoin just had one of the most difficult weeks in the past year as its trading price started crashing on Tuesday and reverted back to December levels. As could be expected, other top cryptocurrencies quickly followed suit and likewise started to exhibit significant loses ranging from 27% to even 40%

Bitcoin Drops to $13K; Chinese Miners to Be “Guided” Into Quitting?

Once again, the price of Bitcoin suffered a correction during the weekend, falling down from its $17,000 range back to $13,500. Whereas last week a bullish sentiment on the trading market started to drive the price back on the road to recovery, this weekend brought a shift in trading trends

Bitcoin at $4.3K; Another Exchange Hacked?

The price of Bitcoin has recovered and went over the $4,000 threshold during the past week, just like we discussed in our last update. And although USD price went through a minor correction during the previous day, it now sits near the $4.3 mark, with market signals showing there is

Price Remains Stable above $3.9K despite Chinese Ban

It appears that not a lot has change in terms of Bitcoin price and other parameters since last week, but in times like these when the price has been pretty erratic, even the news that there hasn’t been any significant changes is newsworthy. The news that Chinese authorities intended to

Bitcoin Drops on China Exchange Ban News

The price of Bitcoin suffered yet another hit after news reports coming in from China revealed that the local authorities plan to shut down Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. Only last Monday an official update from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) hit Bitcoin’s price after it was revealed that the government

China ICO Ban Hits Bitcoin Price; Recovery ensues

Bitcoin price takes a hit as China, one of the most influential Bitcoin markets, faces bans on all ICO campaigns from its central bank. Only several days after the price set out on a fast climb beyond $4,500 on the back of uncertainty surrounding the North Korea missile crisis, it

Bitcoin Drops Down on PBOC News

What was to be another great week for Bitcoin is turning sour as the cryptocurrency’s value started dropping last evening, even before the weekend. After staying strong in the face of an official rejection from the US Security and Exchange Commission and continuing to move upwards short after, hopes of

Bitcoin Recovers; Finally Strong Enough?

We’re at the start of a new week with the price back at $1,000 after suffering another drop due to concerns of tighter trading policies introduced by China’s largest Bitcoin exchanges. After a panic wave hit the market on Thursday, it seemed that losses were imminent, but once again the

Bitcoin takes a Plunge on PBOC Interference

We’re near the end of the week with the price of Bitcoins drastically different since our last update two days ago, a change reportedly once again due to Chinese exchanges, who after talks with the People’s Bank of China pulled the hand brake on Bitcoin sales. While some correction was