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Bitcoin Looks Pretty Strong Over $60,000, Dragging Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Up

The unexpected Bitcoin renaissance is still going strong. It’s going strong over $60,000, with no major dips reported. The price has been hovering around that mark for days now and analysts believe that it’s a good sign. Optimistic investors say that it’s well on the way to the magical $100,000,

Bitcoin Tops $40,000 for the First Time Since June

After a few tough months, Bitcoin has started flying once again. For the second time this year, its price is fueled by comments by billionaire magnate and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. You probably know the story with Tesla’s Bitcoin romance so far. The company bough around $2.5 billion worth of

Elon Musk Hints “Green Mining” Solution and the Crypto Market Rallies

Elon Musk has been of a great influence for all those Bitcoin miners and investors, and while this has been deteriorating for crypto prices over the past few months, finally, we have some good news. After Musk mentioned that he has been discussing with Bitcoin miners about renewable energy solutions,

The Market is in Fear After Latest Price Drops

Bitcoin’s price continues to drop. It has been over a week since the start of the sharp decline, and nothing good looms on the horizon. Bitcoin’s price drops have been dragging the crypto market with it, resulting in fear sells which make things even worse. According to research, the current

Bitcoin Drops; Locks Elon Musk’s Account

During the past week, Bitcoin suffered a small price correction brought on by a predominantly bearish market and diminished interest in buying the cryptocurrency. Whereas last week Bitcoin traded near $6,700, it has now reached a USD value close to $6,500. However, as current market signal hint, the sentiment has