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Bitcoin Drops to $6,350; BCH Hard Fork Causes Stir

Bitcoin’s USD price has dropped down to $6,350 during the past week, despite the market turning bullish to signal a possible price increase. Although the cryptocurrency wasn’t as volatile as it once has been, it still lost over a $100 in value over the course of several days. However, as

Bitcoin Splits; Price Still Stable

We’re right at the middle of what is probably one of the most important weeks for Bitcoin, with the price stable around the $2,700 range, or very close to the highs of two weeks ago before the idea of Bitcoin Cash spread online. As you might already have noticed if

Hard Fork Fears Cause Price Drop; IRS Reveal Data

After trading near to $1,200 for weeks, Bitcoin to USD price has reversed back to below $1,050 during weekend trading on the back of high volume and, presumably, fears about the future of the cryptocurrency. And judging from the current market signals, the price is bound to take another hit