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Bitcoin Bounces Back Over $7K; CFTC Hearing Goes Well

Bitcoin goes back towards $7.5K after having one of its most trying weekends in a while, once again proving skeptics that it’s here to stay. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency suffered a major drop during the weekend, causing a correlated drop in other altcoins and halving the market capitalization of the

Bitcoin Crosses $10,000; India Notes Boom

During the past week, the price of Bitcoin crashed a number of records, surpassing even the optimistic predictions we spoke about two weeks ago that estimated a price gain of 28% over the $6,900 level at the time, which has long been exceeded. As current market stats show, the new

Bitcoin Goes Up; India to Decide Legality

We’re starting off the week with the price of Bitcoin back at $1,200 after Sunday trading pushed it back to former highs, despite the trading market noting a relatively milder interest during the weekend. Bitcoin’s price has been consolidating at this range for nearly a full day now, while current

Bitcoin Back over $1,000; another ETF Denied

The price of Bitcoin once again started to slip back towards $1,000 after going up by over $60 in the course of a day on Tuesday thanks to a stronger buying interest. But unlike two days ago, the market has now turned to the other side and is pre-dominantly pro-sell

Bitcoin Hits $1,270; More to Come?

We’re starting off this week with the price of Bitcoin near the $1,270 mark as seller pressure has lead to some corrections of the rising trend that began last week.  As the weekend approaches, Bitcoins are expected to stay strong in the face of the ETF approval this Saturday. However,

Bitcoin Breaks $1,000; IRB Warns Against it

The price of Bitcoins went over $1,000 near the end of the week, thanks to a bull run that started on Tuesday and hasn’t subsided since. Only less than a month ago, the price took a steep dive from a similar position to $880, while subsequent market events didn’t give