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Bitcoin Sell-Off Suspected; China Mining Company Asks $1b in Fundraising

Bitcoin is once more heading towards $7,500 after drawing a curve on the price charts last week supported by increased trading interest. Like Forbes reported, BTC price reached a one-month peak yesterday, pulling other digital currencies along with it. In the course of Monday to Tuesday, Bitcoin grew 2.2% to

Bitcoin Suffers Worst Quarter; South Korean Millennials Affected

During the past week, Bitcoin suffered another sharp drop thanks to a strong bearish sentiment on the trading markets. But with Easter behind us and the start of a new week, a bullish trading wave has changed the course of the price charts and pushed Bitcoin’s USD price upwards, giving

Bitcoin Drops; Mt. Gox CEO Pleads Not Guilty

After circulating around the $2,600 mark for almost a week, the price of Bitcoin has set on a downward course that began last Sunday and is continuing throughout the middle of this week. But while price volatility is not a strange sight, current market signals suggest that a bigger trend

Bitcoin at $1K; Sellers Test Price

After having a shaky start at the beginning of the week, Bitcoin is back at the $1,000 range, while the market remains relatively low-key. But while there are less signs of panic coming from Asian markets, there is still an overall selling trend sweeping the global market, as traders are