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The Price of Bitcoin Remains Over $55,000 – What’s Next?

Following a surge on Monday, the price of Bitcoin is now steady at over $55,000. Positive news and headlines in the crypto space pushed the leading cryptocurrency in the world to new highs. After the strong start of the week, the price has even jumped over $55K, sparking hopes that

Bitcoin’s Price Plunges Dramatically After Yet Another 10% Drop

After a month of price boosts, Bitcoin’s price had dropped dramatically once again. A few days ago, the price dropped sharply in the midst of a global equity markets decline. Investors began unloading their assets as a result, dropping the price even further. El Salvador’s BTC adoption as legal tender

Whales Jump Back into the Market After Bitcoin Hits $50K

The past few months have been truly desperate for Bitcoin fans. Prices were dropping faster than a speeding bullet, and Bitcoin investors suffered a lot. However, those who were smart to buy the dip are already reaping the rewards of Bitcoin’s recent rebound. After testing the $50,000 mark for weeks,

Regulatory Concerns Put Bitcoin in Pullback Mode

It’s been a rollercoaster week for Bitcoin after it unexpectedly rushed forward toward the $40,000 resistance level and over it 10 days ago. It hit a high of over $42,000 on July 30 before the price began consolidating. It’s still a far cry from the June lows of under $30,000,

Bitcoin Tops $40,000 for the First Time Since June

After a few tough months, Bitcoin has started flying once again. For the second time this year, its price is fueled by comments by billionaire magnate and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. You probably know the story with Tesla’s Bitcoin romance so far. The company bough around $2.5 billion worth of

Bitcoin’s Price Slips Below $32,000 As Inflation Takes a Jump

Bulls seem largely absent from the market after Bitcoin’s price experienced yet another drop to the critical support level of $32,000. Back in June, it slipped under $30K for a moment. This was followed by another slip below the $32K mark which was seen as a negative sign by many