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Bitcoin’s Price Slips Below $32,000 As Inflation Takes a Jump

Bulls seem largely absent from the market after Bitcoin’s price experienced yet another drop to the critical support level of $32,000. Back in June, it slipped under $30K for a moment. This was followed by another slip below the $32K mark which was seen as a negative sign by many

Bitcoin Price Soars Amidst USA-Iran Tensions

After months of falling into an abyss that could have spelled its doom, Bitcoin’s price is finally up a notch. Sadly, it might have been inspired by bad news. As tensions arise in the Middle East, Bitcoin’s price has soared high along with gold and oil prices. Prices fuelled by

Bitcoin Back to $6,700; US Government to Fight it With Ripple?

After plunging to $6,300 on Thursday last week, Bitcoin stayed near the same levels for the entire weekend thanks to low buying interest. But come Monday, the cryptocurrency made a sharp jump upwards which added over $500 to its value in a matter of only a couple of hours. With