Travel the World Using Bitcoin Only?

Bitcoin seems uninterested in reaching new highs even after several days have passed of the halving event. The cryptocurrency remains right under $670, with its price constantly dropping around the $650 mark and then improving once again. The volume has declined once more, promising peaceful days ahead, despite the strong buy signal received by indicators and averages.

However, what seems to be an utterly boring day in terms of price movement, it’s actually a very interesting day when it comes to Bitcoin-related events. Turns out that the Bitcoin wallet iPayYou has made possible Bitcoin Twitter payments, while investors are demanding solutions that would guarantee them that their money won’t be simply stolen by hackers in the future, reminding of the unpleasant event that took place in June when a thief scooped $60 million worth of the virtual currency Ether.

Nonetheless, probably the most amusing and unbelievable story is about a man who managed to travel around the world using only Bitcoin.

Felix Weis Proves Bitcoin isn’t dead by Travelling the World and Paying in Bitcoin Only

The most mind-blowing piece of information this week and maybe even this year is the adventure of programmer Felix Weis, who decided to prove everyone that the Bitcoin isn’t dead by travelling the World and paying in Bitcoin only.

Feeling irritated by people telling him that the cryptocurrency was over he packed his bags on 12th of January, 2015 and went on an 18-month journey all around the Globe spending only Bitcoin. So far, Weis has visited 27 countries and 50 cities. We’re quite sure that now he has a strong argument that the cryptocurrency is far from dead. During his journey his three stipulates were: no banks, Bitcoin first and cash only for Bitcoin. Therefore, when he needed local currency, he would get to it only by exchanging Bitcoin.

The other important news is a more serious one and related to money. Namely, we all remember that in June a hacker stole $60 million worth of Ether after raiding the experimental online venture-capital fund DAO. This led investors to worry whether all their investments can be so easily spirited away, without the chance to get them back. Therefore, they prompted a debate on whether thieves should be allowed to keep the money they’ve stolen. If the debate inspires companies and experts to come up with a way to keep this from happening, then the reputation of the Bitcoin would certainly improve.

Bitcoin Trading for $664.46; Volume Down

We already mentioned that the Bitcoin didn’t seem affected by the halving. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to see the price per coin at $664.46 days after the supply of the cryptocurrency has been halved. The highest price in the past 24 hours, aside from the current one, has been rather unimpressive $662.12, whereas the lowest point reached was $651.13. Nonetheless, the overall 24-hour price change is positive 1.41%.

The market cap has dropped a bit and settled at $10.48 billion; similarly, the volume has declined as well and from over $130,000,000 two days ago we can see it at $73,390,500 today. Therefore, even though the majority of the technical indicators as well as all moving averages are sending a strong buy signal, it shouldn’t be expected to see the Bitcoin price considerably jump any time soon.

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