Bitcoin Goes Over $450 for the First Time in 2016

Well, for the first time in 2016 the Bitcoin has gone over the $450 mark. Even though the cryptocurrency has been struggling to move from the $430 threshold it’s been holding for quite some time now, it finally managed to reach a change in value; to everyone’s delight, the change was positive.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin is constantly a hot topic in the world and popular media are dedicating columns and analysis to it. Therefore, we would like to mention several amusing events related to our favourite digital currency and then, as usual, see the situation on the price chart.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to see that in two days the technical indicators’ signal has drastically changed; after it recommended traders to sell on Wednesday, today the majority of the indicators and all moving averages are pro-buy.

Forbes Writes of a Man Living on Bitcoin for 3 Years

The Bitcoin has been extremely interesting to the Forbes Magazine, since there is regularly news related to the cryptocurrency. This is great because such articles increase Bitcoin’s popularity and when something’s popular its value grows as well.

The latest interesting article this magazine has published is about a man who has been living on Bitcoin for 3 years. According to the story, Olaf Carlson is a 26-year old Coinbase employee that decided to live on the cryptocurrency on February 2013 and successfully managed to do so ever since. Even though he has been encountering certain problems and coming up with various ways to solve them, he claims that living on Bitcoin is surely a real possibility.

Some other reputable media that mentioned the Bitcoin lately are Bloomberg and Nasdaq. The first one writes about the return of Bitcoin mining and concludes that with the price jump this activity has become attractive again.

The second article focuses on the Bitcoin’s price and its recent growth. According to the analysis, this improvement in value was both logical and sustainable. Does this possibly mean that Nasdaq is predicting some further price jumps and progress? We certainly believe so.

Bitcoin Trading for $454; Volume Finally Grows

Today the Bitcoin price chart reveals some very interesting numbers. First of all, the current trading price is fantastic $454.42. Not only this number shows that the $450 line has been reached, but it’s also the first notable growth of the Bitcoin this year. Additionally, the day’s range shows another surprise; the day’s high is $460.73! The lowest price the cryptocurrency has reached today is $428.6.

The year to date change is still in the negative and today its value is set at -5.06%, whereas the market cap is positive $6.39 B. The volatility is doing just fine with a value of 22.97% too. However, another pleasant surprise is the value of the volume; it finally increased and from low 20,000 it went over 60,000 (63,627).

With such positive numbers on the price chart, it’s hardly a surprise to see that both indicators and averages suggest that traders should buy i.e. that there will be another price jump. Eight out of 11 indicators are pro-buy, while three show a warning sign of the Bitcoin being overbought. All 12 moving averages, on the other hand, signal traders to buy with their values below $452.

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