Bitcoin Hits $610; Florida Senator Drafts Bill That Could Recognise It as Money

When September started the Bitcoin was stuck under $600 and traders were impatiently waiting to see it over the $600 threshold. That moment happened a few days ago when the price per coin finally hit $600 and heated hopes to see the cryptocurrency fully recovered after the Bitfinex hack attack.

Today we can notice on our Bitcoin price chart that not only the Bitcoin managed to keep its strong position, but also that it hit the $610 mark as well. Plus, there are some possibly good news to share from Florida and certain Bitcoin blockchain myths that need to be busted. Therefore, stay with us and find out what the Bitcoin world has in stock for you today.

Bitcoin Price Improved for 0.51% in the Past 24 Hours

Only a quick glance at the price chart shows that the Bitcoin has been relatively strong in the past 24 hours, with most of the time relaxing at $609. Twice during the period it hit $610, plus the current trading price is $611.01. This current value is, at the same time, the high of the day for now.

If the Bitcoin stays strong we may even witness hitting the $615 or even $620 mark pretty soon. The day’s low is $606.16, meaning that even at its weakest point the Bitcoin managed to stay over $600. The overall price change in the past 24 hours has been 0.51%.

With such a good value of the Bitcoin, its market cap has jumped a bit and settled at $9.66 billion. The volume has a good value of $74,837,600 too, meaning further price improvements shouldn’t be excluded as an option.

This possibility is supported by the technical indicators and the moving averages. Namely, the signal received from the indicators is buy, whereas the moving averages are more drastic with a strong buy signal. In contrast to the 100% positive averages, where 12 out of 12 are pro-buy, the majority of the indicators are neutral.

Only three indicators are advising traders to buy, while two are pro-sell. It should be noted that the Williams %R with its value of -17.828 warns that the Bitcoin is being overbought.

Winklevoss Brothers Explain Their Love for Bitcoin; Florida Senator May Make it Real Money

Florida Senator Dorothy Hukill revealed that she was drafting legislation that could recognise the world’s most popular cryptocurrency as real money in the state. According to her statement, the legislation would try to balance protections for consumers and startups. This project is especially important after a Florida judge earlier this year dropped charges in a criminal case explaining that Bitcoin wasn’t real money.

Another interesting piece of information comes from the States, where the popular Winklevoss brothers explain how and why they fell in love with the Bitcoin. The text published in Forbes reveals how Tyler and Cameron were in Ibiza back in 2012 when they were first introduced to the innovatice concept. The article is a great read and it may help other people recognise a lot of Bitcoin pros thanks to it.

Finally, TechRepublic took the time to bust five big myths about the Bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, if you want to find out whether the blockchain can be the backbone of global economy or whether it is really decentralised, you should go through this fun and educational article.

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