Bitcoin’s Value Stays the Same as Interest in New Zealand Grows

Two days ago when we wrote about the price of the Bitcoin, we noted that most indicators were pro-buy and the volume was increased as well. These two signs predicted an improvement in value of the cryptocurrency that never happened. Moreover, we can see today that the volume has further jumped and the signal from indicators is still strong buy. Thus, we have to believe that a price change is definitely on its way and we have to hope it’s going to be a positive one.

Days after the dramatic event concerning Australian Craig Wright and his claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, global media went back to covering important Bitcoin related news again; one country shows an increased interest in the cryptocurrency, whereas a reputable portal published an amusing chart of Bitcoin’s “life and (many) deaths.”

Bitcoin Slowly Conquers New Zealand

Recently our favourite cryptocurrency has been slowly conquering a new market – New Zealand. First, the reputable portal of the country NZ Herald in its business sections dedicated a whole article focused on how interest in Bitcoin was growing. Second, Stuff, another well-established New Zealand portal, treated its readers with a beginner’s guide to the digital currency. The text explains how the Bitcoin can be used, why people like it and provides additional information about its regulation around the world.

Aside from that, there were two other entertaining reads and both of them published by Quartz. The first one reveals that Nick Zabo, a person who was once believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is raising funds for a Bitcoin start-up. It’s always good to have new players on the market and expand it, especially when the companies are led by experienced cryptographers like Zabo.

We already briefly mentioned the second article by Quartz, which features a graph of the life and deaths of Bitcoin. The text cites a Bitcoin guide, claiming that the cryptocurrency was pronounced dead a total of 101 times. This number will certainly make you think twice before giving up on the currency, right?

Current Trading Price $454.66

If the Bitcoin price movement in the past 24 hours is taken into account, it can be seen that the overall change has been positive (0.97%). However, the one-week view on our chart clearly shows that the cryptocurrency has been falling in the past few days. The current trading price of the currency is $454.66 and that’s also the day’s high. The lowest point reached in the past 24 hours, on the other hand, was $449.84, which reveals the Bitcoin has been briefly trading for less than $450.

The market cap this Friday remains over $7 billion with it value of $7,075,341,607. The volume, on the other hand, has grown a bit more. If you remember by the beginning of this week it was settled a bit over $30,000,000 and today its value is $63,146,500.

Most of the indicators and all of the moving averages are sending a strong buy signal. Only the ultimate oscillator (48.191) is pro-sell and three other indicators are showing signs that the Bitcoin is overbought. Therefore, it’s safe to say that during the weekend we expect for the currency to gain power and possibly hit $460 once again.

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