Mr. Robot Mentions Bitcoin and the World Goes Crazy

Who would guess that days after the long-awaited halving event, the reason why people are obsessed with the Bitcoin would actually be related to the popular TV show Mr. Robot

 It turns out that as part of the viral marketing in 2016, USA Network has intentionally leaked the first episode of its well-known show’s second season and apparently the episode featured a Bitcoin ATM truck or something similar to it. Considering the fact that Mr. Robot has millions of fans worldwide, it came as no surprise that all those people were amused by the Bitcoin and tried to find out more about it. This improved interest in the cryptocurrency boosted the trading volume as well as its popularity. Even if the situation is short-lived, it’s still amusing to see the power renowned TV shows have when it comes to promoting products and/or ideas.

In terms of price, you can notice on our Bitcoin price chart that there’s been a slight improvement. Therefore, if the currency traded between $640 and $650 two days ago, today it’s moved to the $660 and $670 territory. That’s a good sign, especially after the volume has jumped and the indicators have changed their signal from strong sell to strong buy.

Bitcoin Promises High Return, Say Chris Burniske and Adam White

In a very interesting podcast exploring fintech and blockchain, Forbes author Laura Shin interviewed product lead at ARK Investment Management and blockchain analyst Chris Burniske and vice president of business development and strategy at Coinbase Adam White. According to both of them, Bitcoin was promising high return and they recommend it to all traders looking for alternative trading options.

If you’re interested in Bitcoin and blockchain startups, then you may want to take a look at this Business Insider article that tells you everything you need to know about them. For example, it is expected over $1 billion to be spent on blockchain in the next 24 months, whereas in the past 36 months the total investment amount almost reached that mark. While the main action takes place in North America, only five Bitcoin/blockchain companies in Europe managed to raise at least $10 million.

$670 Hit; Volume Drastically Improves

As we mentioned on Monday, the price per Bitcoin was virtually unaffected by the halving event, the volume was down and the majority of the indicators were sending a strong sell signal. Nonetheless, today everything has changed. Bitcoin’s value has jumped at $670.04 early morning, leaving the 24-hour low of $647.60 far behind. For most of the time the price has been moving between $660 and $670, with the current trading price being $666.30.

In the past 24 hours the price has improved for 1.99%, while the market cap reached $10.51 billion. The most notable change, however, is noticed in the volume that jumped at $134,031,000. This is a lot higher than the value seen two days ago and it reflects the positive upwards movement of the price.

The bulls obviously want to take over the situation and all signs show that they have the power to do so. Aside from the volume, we can note positive vibes among the indicators too. Nine out of 11 are pro-buy, while only one is neutral and another one is pro-sell. All 12 moving averages are also sending a strong buy signal, suggesting the Bitcoin’s value will improve.

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