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Bitcoin Regains Ground; Future Course Still in Debate

BTC price is still struggling to move back upwards after fears of Bitcoin splitting triggered high trading volumes by the end of Friday and a general selling mood that took Bitcoin’s value down for approximately $100. But today things are looking somewhat more positive, although not enough to guarantee the

Bitcoin Near $1,100; Split Talks Continue

After dropping down below $1,000 for the first time in weeks last weekend, the price of Bitcoin climbed back near $1,100 while the trading market still remains pro-sell. With talks of the “hard fork” becoming more and more frequent and the market cap turning down to where it was at

Hard Fork Fears Cause Price Drop; IRS Reveal Data

After trading near to $1,200 for weeks, Bitcoin to USD price has reversed back to below $1,050 during weekend trading on the back of high volume and, presumably, fears about the future of the cryptocurrency. And judging from the current market signals, the price is bound to take another hit

Bitcoin Bounces Back after ETF Crash

We’re starting off a fresh week with the price of Bitcoin back over $1,220 after panic struck the trading market from the SEC’s decision not to approve what would have been the first Bitcoin ETF (exchange trade fund). After suffering a sharp drop almost immediately after news of the rejection