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Bitcoin on the Rise Again, Just Hit an All-Time High Briefly

The crypto market is currently locked into an aggressive bull run that has seen plenty of coins hit all-time highs. We’re talking mainly about Bitcoin’s continued rise. Early on Tuesday, Bitcoin rose to $68,000 for a moment before the price fell down. It broke the previous all-time high set in

Bitcoin on the Rise, But Short-Term Prospects Are Bleak

Bitcoin began this week with a 5%+ fall to around $53,000 on Monday. This stopped Ethereum’s rally with a bang, with Ether unable to break past the $4K mark. That has changed in less than 48 hours, with the whole market currently seeing green. The leading cryptocurrency itself is up

Bitcoin Gets a Much-Needed Break; Ethereum’s Price Soars

After hitting heights previously unseen early last month, Bitcoin’s price has dipped once again. It has been hovering around $54K for the past few days, consolidating after an expected bull run. Some investors were scared after the massive dip, yet all technical details point to another great run that will

Bitcoin Bounces Back from Last Week’s Slump

After a week of serious price drops, Bitcoin is back to the usual stuff. The leading cryptocurrency by market volume is retracing its steps back to $60K and beyond with a 10% price climb on Monday. It continued for the biggest part of Tuesday, consolidating around the $54,000 mark where

Bitcoin Loses $1,000; Whale Sale to Blame?

The world’s number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization has had another trying week as bears took control of the market, leading the coin to lose about $1,000 of its value in several days. Like we previously wrote, there was an increase in selling pressure around Wednesday that culminated in a

Bitcoin Jumps to $8,000; Satoshi Reveal Turns Silly

Bitcoin just had one of its most interesting weeks in 2019 as the cryptocurrency rose to $8,000 in a matter of a few days, marking incredible gains that surprised everyone. At the same time, the cryptocurrency community was abuzz with the potential reveal of the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, after

Bitcoin Still at $1,000; Bubble Talks Spread

We’re at the end of the week with the price of Bitcoin still over $1,000, albeit very close to breaking that bottom line. After a month of setting records, a series of negative events has brought the cryptocurrency down, yet not as low as previous events have done. Thus, it

Bitcoin Near $1,100; Split Talks Continue

After dropping down below $1,000 for the first time in weeks last weekend, the price of Bitcoin climbed back near $1,100 while the trading market still remains pro-sell. With talks of the “hard fork” becoming more and more frequent and the market cap turning down to where it was at

Bitcoin at $1,250; Other Currencies Spike

We’re at the middle of the week with the price of Bitcoin continuing its steady growth and marking a month of staying over $1,000, which is yet another milestone for the cryptocurrency. Despite the challenge it faced during the past days, Bitcoin still remained stable and with far less price