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Bitcoin Heads to $13,000; $100K Target by 2021?

Bitcoin is once more near $13,000, just like two weeks ago, after a fairly uneventful weekend during which the price remained mostly stagnant. Thanks to a strong bullish market, the cryptocurrency was able to climb upwards, recovering from the losses it suffered during the start of last week. However, as

Bitcoin Recovers; Most Sellers Probably New

After coming close to $13,000 last week, Bitcoin suffered another blow to its price, one that took the coin’s USD value down by over $2,000 during the beginning of this week. Yet, that kind of fluctuation was expected as the market saw incredible gains over the past month, probably leading

Bitcoin Hits $9,000; Facebook to Release Libra Cryptocurrency

The bulls are back and they’re driving the world’s most popular cryptocurrency towards a new 2019 price record and closer to its all-time highs of 2017. Thanks to positive news from the industry and the rise of interest in crypto trading over the past month, Bitcoin has managed to climb

Bitcoin is Bearish; Facebook to Compete Against It

We’re at the middle of the week and Bitcoin is back where it was seven days ago after the price failed to set on a new course, despite a significantly higher trading interest when compared to the previous quarter. After a brief price test at the start of the week,

Bitcoin Reverts to $3,800; New Facebook Imposters Emerge

After a tough couple of weeks that most of the community labeled as a “crypto winter”, Bitcoin has reverted back to $3,800, raising hope of a possible stop to the big sell-off. Since last week, the price of the coin jumped over $300+ on the back of an increase in

Bitcoin Drops Below $8K Amidst Twitter and Reddit Ban

Bitcoin’s price is continuing on a downward spiral as the trading market loses volume and sellers step onto the scene. In the past week, the cryptocurrency lost over $1,000 in value, dipping below $8K and marking almost a full month of negative price swings since the start of March when

Bitcoin Drops Below $10K; Facebook Bans Crypto-ads

Bitcoin’s struggle continues this week as the cryptocurrency fails to break away from correction and repeat the growing streak that took it to an all-time high of $20,000 last December. After rising to $12,000, Bitcoin started sliding at the beginning of the week and dropped again below $10,000. And judging