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Bitcoin Returns to $5.2K; $1 Million Prize Hunt Appears

After two weeks of high trading volume and price increases, Bitcoin is now stabilizing around $5,200 – the same level it established during last week. Following a peak of interest, the cryptocurrency’s daily volume has almost halved but the bullish momentum is still continuing, giving hope to traders expecting new

Bitcoin Drops Lower; Proves Less of a Hedge Than Gold

The bearish trend we observed during our update last week seems to have intensified over the weekend, triggering another price decline for Bitcoin. At the start of the week, the cryptocurrency fell down further from its previous price range pushed by a higher trading volume than usual. Yet, current market

Bitcoin at Record Price; HBO Ransomed

Bitcoin has broken yet another record in 2017 by climbing over $3,300 for the first time ever on Saturday. Following a week of uncertainty due to the expected “hard fork”, Bitcoin’s blockchain was officially split last week on August 1st into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. After several days of trading

Bitcoin Price Tops Gold

We’re rounding up what has been one of the most successful weeks for Bitcoin with yet another record for the cryptocurrency, which for the first time had surpassed the price of gold. During the past couple of days the price has been on a steady rise on the eve of

Bitcoin Back at $920 on Low Volume

We’re starting off this week at relatively unchanged stance, with the price of Bitcoin fluctuating mildly within the $915-920 range. But what’s interesting to note is that the trading interest saw a significant drop during the weekend session without pulling back the price along with it. But whether the market