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Bitcoin Fights Back; Could Grow Japan’s GDP

After suffering another drop during the last weekend of 2017, the price of Bitcoin has been picking up steam and growing back towards last week’s price point, possibly marking the end of the holiday sell-off. The trading market is predominantly bullish, at this time, but if last week has showed

Bitcoin Volume Down, Japan Exchanges Under Surveillance

Bitcoin’s price regains former levels and once again proves resistant to significant blows from regulators that used to have a much more drastic effect on its stability. After the reality of Chinese Bitcoin exchanges stopping activity kicked in last week, the price went down from around $3,900 to losing several

New Bitcoin Record Set after North Korean Crisis

In yet another proof that 2017 is indeed the year of Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s price sets a new all-time record by surpassing $4,600 per 1 BTC during the past day. The latest explanation, so it seems, is that it was the Asian markets that brought the price up following the launch

Bitcoin Price Near $1,460 on Strong Demand in Japan

Bitcoin is once again breaking record after record, thanks to an uninterrupted streak of acceptance from several major markets in the world. After hitting $1,300 for the first time ever last week, the price didn’t take a pause but kept moving forward while the trading market saw an amount of

Bitcoin at $1,180; Japan Retailers Embrace it

We’re right at the end of the week with the price of Bitcoin at the $1,180 range thanks to increased interest from traders. The past couple of days have been a period of positive news and the Bitcoin price directly reflected this mood, especially since the fear of hard forks

Bitcoin on a Rise; Japan Recognize it

During the weekend, thanks to increased interest Bitcoin moved back up over $1,100, reversing the downward trend that took over last week’s trading. Things are once again looking good as the market is seeing high trading volume while the overall mood is in favor of those looking to see the