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Bitcoin’s Price Drops; China Sales Almost Gone

The price of Bitcoin drops below last week’s range as the trading market remains pro-sell. After a brief bull run pushed the cryptocurrency’s price upwards at the start of this week, Bitcoin lost over $300 in value on Tuesday, crushing hopes that a stronger rally will be formed to boost

China ICO Ban Hits Bitcoin Price; Recovery ensues

Bitcoin price takes a hit as China, one of the most influential Bitcoin markets, faces bans on all ICO campaigns from its central bank. Only several days after the price set out on a fast climb beyond $4,500 on the back of uncertainty surrounding the North Korea missile crisis, it

Bitcoin Drops Down on PBOC News

What was to be another great week for Bitcoin is turning sour as the cryptocurrency’s value started dropping last evening, even before the weekend. After staying strong in the face of an official rejection from the US Security and Exchange Commission and continuing to move upwards short after, hopes of

Bitcoin at $1,180; Awaiting SEC’s Final Say

The price of Bitcoin has steadily reversed back to $1,180 in the eve of the US SEC’s (Securities and Exchange Commission) decision whether to approve what is to be the world’s first Bitcoin ETF or not. Coincidentally, at the same time there are updates coming from China’s PBOC’s about the

Bitcoin Recovers; Finally Strong Enough?

We’re at the start of a new week with the price back at $1,000 after suffering another drop due to concerns of tighter trading policies introduced by China’s largest Bitcoin exchanges. After a panic wave hit the market on Thursday, it seemed that losses were imminent, but once again the

Bitcoin takes a Plunge on PBOC Interference

We’re near the end of the week with the price of Bitcoins drastically different since our last update two days ago, a change reportedly once again due to Chinese exchanges, who after talks with the People’s Bank of China pulled the hand brake on Bitcoin sales. While some correction was

Bitcoin on a Climb; Chinese Impose Trading Fees

With the Sunday trading session over, things are looking well for Bitcoins, as the price is still holding to the $920 support it broke through on Saturday. With fewer bursts of volatility noted in the past week that were nowhere as violent as in the first days of 2017, it