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Bitcoin Near $16.5K; North Korea Continues Ransom Attacks

The price of Bitcoin is moving close to $17,000 again after a weekend sell-off took it down to the $14,000 range from where it gradually recovered since week’s start. According to current stats, there might be another selling wave in the making as bears return to the market to capitalize

Bitcoin at $1,050; Ransomware Panic Spreads

We’re starting the week with the Bitcoin price back over $1,050 and the market stuck on a very low volume. Thanks to the US holidays, the market liquidity is down, which gives more strength to whichever side prevails at the moment. But whether the price will hold ground or we’ll

Bitcoin at $895; St.Louis Libraries Hacked

With one week until the end of this fairly turbulent month, the price of Bitcoin is still struggling to recover to its December highs. Just like we discussed in our last update, Tuesday brought another negative price change, one that was probably due to the official introduction of trading fees