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Bitcoin Recovers; Wright Strengthens Satoshi Claims

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has just had another trying week as it plunged just before the weekend to lose close to $1,000 of its USD value. Luckily, the positive momentum wasn’t broken and Bitcoin quickly recovered back to its last week’s highs. However, judging from the current

Bitcoin Jumps to $8,000; Satoshi Reveal Turns Silly

Bitcoin just had one of its most interesting weeks in 2019 as the cryptocurrency rose to $8,000 in a matter of a few days, marking incredible gains that surprised everyone. At the same time, the cryptocurrency community was abuzz with the potential reveal of the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, after

Bitcoin Reverts; Craig Wright Satoshi Mystery to be Solved?

After rising close to $6,000 over the past week, Bitcoin officially started the “crypto spring” season, moving away from the coldness that swept over the market at the beginning of 2019. Supported by increased volume, the cryptocurrency shot upwards at the end of last week, once again verifying that the

Bitcoin Drops; Tether Stability Challenged

Even though last week’s market was quite bullish and the trading volume remained consistently high, Bitcoin still failed to break past $5,800 over the past few days and establish a new support level. With bearish pressure appearing near the end of last week, the cryptocurrency slid down, putting hopes of

Bitcoin Nears $5,600; McAfee Stops Satoshi’s Reveal

The past week has been anything but boring for the cryptocurrency community as a strong bullish sentiment swept over the market and the world got its first hint at who Satoshi Nakamoto could really be. The winner of the past week’s rally is undoubtedly Bitcoin, which grew from a $5,200

Bitcoin Returns to $5.2K; $1 Million Prize Hunt Appears

After two weeks of high trading volume and price increases, Bitcoin is now stabilizing around $5,200 – the same level it established during last week. Following a peak of interest, the cryptocurrency’s daily volume has almost halved but the bullish momentum is still continuing, giving hope to traders expecting new

Bitcoin Volume Explodes; April Fools’ Jokes Spread

The past week has been very eventful for Bitcoin as the world’s most popular crypto asset was able to show some signs of progress we haven’t seen for quite a while. Indeed, Bitcoin surprised everyone this week when it abruptly shot up close to $4,900, shaking up the image of

Bitcoin Celebrates Ten Years; Coinbase Sets Out to Fix It

Today is a special day for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency which celebrates ten years since it was first introduced to the public. But despite hitting such an important milestone, Bitcoin, one of the biggest technological achievements in recent times, has failed to rally and dropped over $100 in value

Bitcoin Heading Toward $11K; Craig Wright Sued for $5 Billion

It has been another interesting week for Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency dropped down more than 11% from the $11,000 range it neared last week, only to start recovering again at the start of this week and head towards $11,000 again. As market signals indicate, buyers still dominate the markets while

Bitcoin Loses Steam; Satoshi’s BTC Reach Value of $20b

After touching the remarkable $20,000 range on Sunday, Bitcoin’s price started rolling back the same day, at first slowly and then faster throughout Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday alone, Bitcoin lost nearly $1,000 in the course of an hour – a drop that followed the decline of CME’s Bitcoin futures