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Bitcoin at $5,300; Russia to Issue Own Cryptocurrency

Thanks to an increased buying interest over the past few days, the price of Bitcoin has moved long above the $5,000 threshold and set yet another record. The big uptick is seen as a direct consequence of the popularity the cryptocurrency has seen over the previous weeks, although the trend

Bitcoin Drops as New Upgrade Details Emerge

Bitcoin’s price is once again on the decline, just days after closing the weekend with a $300+ boost. Last week’s enthusiasm created by the mining community finally reaching a consensus over the best way to upgrade the blockchain has been shattered again, as new problems emerge from the shadows. Namely,

Bitcoin Recovers as Miners Reach Consensus

The price of Bitcoin has gone back up following a big weekend sell-off that stroke a major hit to the cryptocurrency and other digital currencies on the market. Luckily, things have been picking up since Sunday evening as intense buying pressure slowly pumped the price back up to the $2,300

Bitcoin at $2.6k; SegWit Green-lighted

The price of Bitcoin is back over the $2,500 mark, following several days of concerns about whether the strong rally that’s been spanning for over a month now is finally over. After the USD price rapidly declined at the end of last week, it lead to high frequency on the

Bitcoin Regains Ground; Future Course Still in Debate

BTC price is still struggling to move back upwards after fears of Bitcoin splitting triggered high trading volumes by the end of Friday and a general selling mood that took Bitcoin’s value down for approximately $100. But today things are looking somewhat more positive, although not enough to guarantee the