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Bitcoin Hits $960 Thanks to Trump?

This week turned to be another exciting period for Bitcoin, as the price saw a sudden jump on Tuesday afternoon, increasing for more than $30 in the course of less than six hours. The price boost has once again been linked to the actions of US President Donald Trump, and

Bitcoin Breaks $910 on Increased Interest

Right before the weekend, things have started to pick up for Bitcoins and the price broke out of the $910 range. And all this is happening despite lowered interest from Chinese markets, which have been almost slashed by the newly-imposed buying fees since Tuesday. Who knows, we might now just

Bitcoin Breaks $900 on Bull Pressure

We’re right at the middle of the week with Bitcoin’s price still struggling to stay into one range thanks to regrouped buyer pressure on the market that sent the price back over $900, although briefly, less than a week after it plunged down to $755. Once again, it’s hard not