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Bitcoin Slides; Saves Venezuelan Family

This week brought us another price drop for Bitcoin, the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency by market capitalization which sharply slid on Sunday, losing over $300 of its price in a matter of hours. The price advancement we saw last week was lost as the market was swarmed by a high

Bitcoin Volume Down, Japan Exchanges Under Surveillance

Bitcoin’s price regains former levels and once again proves resistant to significant blows from regulators that used to have a much more drastic effect on its stability. After the reality of Chinese Bitcoin exchanges stopping activity kicked in last week, the price went down from around $3,900 to losing several

Bitcoin Hits $1,270; More to Come?

We’re starting off this week with the price of Bitcoin near the $1,270 mark as seller pressure has lead to some corrections of the rising trend that began last week.  As the weekend approaches, Bitcoins are expected to stay strong in the face of the ETF approval this Saturday. However,

Bitcoin at $1K; Sellers Test Price

After having a shaky start at the beginning of the week, Bitcoin is back at the $1,000 range, while the market remains relatively low-key. But while there are less signs of panic coming from Asian markets, there is still an overall selling trend sweeping the global market, as traders are

Bitcoin at $1,010; Venezuela Troubles Continue

The price of Bitcoin remained strong following the release of the NFP report on Friday, noting a near $10 increase since our last update. And just like many times before when the price reached this height, it suffered sporadic bursts of volatility which, at times, took it down and up

Bitcoin Breaks $910 on Increased Interest

Right before the weekend, things have started to pick up for Bitcoins and the price broke out of the $910 range. And all this is happening despite lowered interest from Chinese markets, which have been almost slashed by the newly-imposed buying fees since Tuesday. Who knows, we might now just