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$50,000 Out of Reach for Bitcoin, but Bulls Target a Move Back to $49,000

It’s been a crazy few months for Bitcoin, first falling to the depths under $20,000 only to recover unexpectedly and rise toward $50K once again. In the past week or so, the leading cryptocurrency has been on a roll, constantly fluctuating between $45,000 and $50,000. It has broken the upper

Bitcoin Aims for the $50,000 Resistance, Support Now at $40,000

Bitcoin’s price has seen some development in the past week, but only for a while before stalling. It seems that the world’s leading cryptocurrency is locked in a tight squeeze, being unable to get over the mid $40,000 range. Buyers are still looking forward to the $50,000 resistance level, with

Bitcoin Price Stalls Amid a Bullish Momentum

In the past few weeks, Bitcoin’s price rose completely unexpectedly. The price climb continued since Monday, although it stalled in the mid-$40K range in the midst of a bullish momentum. It’s clear that the sentiment is bullish at the moment, with Bitcoin getting close to testing the $50,000 mark. While

Bitcoin’s Price Consolidates After China Crackdown

For the past few months, China has been cracking down on Bitcoin hard. The Asian juggernaut has introduced the digital yuan to the public, and right after that, it has aimed to defeat any opposition. With Bitcoin being the biggest threat to the digital yuan, China’s crackdown focused on miners

Yet Another Bitcoin Price Slip

The Bitcoin market is clearly in a downward trend, after yet another major price decline among a brutal sell-off. The sell-off was initiated after the unveiling of the Colonial Pipeline attack by hacker group DarkSide. FBI officials have managed to recover part of the $5 million ransom paid to the

Elon Musk Hints “Green Mining” Solution and the Crypto Market Rallies

Elon Musk has been of a great influence for all those Bitcoin miners and investors, and while this has been deteriorating for crypto prices over the past few months, finally, we have some good news. After Musk mentioned that he has been discussing with Bitcoin miners about renewable energy solutions,

Bitcoin’s Price Slides, but a Savior May Be on the Horizon

After a few days over the $7K mark which was seen as very positive news for Bitcoin, the price slid down the past few days. It’s not as sharp as a slide as the one back at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s still a dip below $7,000

The Coronavirus Is the Reason for Bitcoin’s Latest Price Dip

The global panic over the spread of the coronavirus affects the economy in different ways. It has broken trade lines and caused massive transit delays and cancellations affecting the price of gold and oil. It has even managed to massively hit the blockchain. After a few strong months, Bitcoin experienced

Bitcoin Price Stable at $10K

Last week, we talked about the soaring price of Bitcoin that was well on its way to take a crack at $10,500 and $11,000. Bulls were finally making a dominant run and the price went up and up all the time. A reversal was expected by many experts and not