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Bitcoin Looks Pretty Strong Over $60,000, Dragging Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Up

The unexpected Bitcoin renaissance is still going strong. It’s going strong over $60,000, with no major dips reported. The price has been hovering around that mark for days now and analysts believe that it’s a good sign. Optimistic investors say that it’s well on the way to the magical $100,000,

Bitcoin Volatility Stabilizing; What Will October Bring?

We have seen the digital currency flying all over the chart in the course of the last 30 days, but as August draws to a close, calmer days seem to have come for Bitcoin. On Sunday, August 25th, the cryptocurrency reached its lowest volatility of 64%, and seemed to be

Bitcoin Jumps to $4,000; Winklevosses Not Giving Up

Whereas  the start of last year brought bad news for the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency amidst a global crypto hype, the beginning of 2019 heralds new hope for Bitcoin and other alternative coins. During the first weekend of this year, the coin jumped upwards to $4,000 in USD value supported

Bitcoin is Back at $4,000; Nasdaq Still Planning Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin has recovered slightly after suffering one of the worst bearish markets since its inception, with the cryptocurrency trading near $4,100 as of today. Over the course of one month, Bitcoin lost nearly $2,300 in value after a fairly stable quarter during which the USD price of the coin mostly

Bitcoin Back over $1,000; another ETF Denied

The price of Bitcoin once again started to slip back towards $1,000 after going up by over $60 in the course of a day on Tuesday thanks to a stronger buying interest. But unlike two days ago, the market has now turned to the other side and is pre-dominantly pro-sell

Bitcoin Bounces Back after ETF Crash

We’re starting off a fresh week with the price of Bitcoin back over $1,220 after panic struck the trading market from the SEC’s decision not to approve what would have been the first Bitcoin ETF (exchange trade fund). After suffering a sharp drop almost immediately after news of the rejection