Bitcoin Prices Go Down Just Before the US Inflation Report

Another week, another Bitcoin pull back. The world’s leading cryptocurrency and the whole market pulled back just ahead of the USA’s inflation report, which should be grim. Global markets are waiting for the report to drop on Wednesday, which could send ripples in every major market. Bitcoin dropped around 4%

Bitcoin Starts the New Month in Negative Fashion

August is here and Bitcoin has started it in a negative fashion. While it hasn’t dropped in price that much, it definitely lost a bit of the gain from last week. From the Bitcoin high in November last year, BTC’s price has dropped a whopping 51%. To make matters worse,

Bitcoin Jumps Significantly; Bulls Say It’s Different This Time

We were in the middle of a crypto winter until a few days ago when Bitcoin made a sudden and unexpected jump. Well, it wasn’t the jump that doubles or triples the price, but a jump of over 10% is still significant considering the hardships of the past 6 months

Bitcoin Rallies but Still Unable to Break the $20,000 Point

Early on Tuesday, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rallied, but not enough to move the needle in the right direction. Digital assets are still in a depressed mood amid pressure from the crypto industry’s current cracks. Selloffs in the stock market and the ongoing war in Ukraine are making things more

Bitcoin Flat at $20K; Key Metrics Shows It Hitting Rock Bottom Soon

No big news in Bitcoin and crypto territory this week. Bitcoin has turned flat at $20,000, and it doesn’t seem going anywhere these days. It’s a bear market out there, and by the looks of it, it will continue for a while. Key metrics also show that it has bottomed

Bitcoin Slips Back Below $20K – Further Declines Are Expected

If you’re a crypto and especially a Bitcoin investor, you’ve surely heard or seen the news. The crypto industry is in a serious crash right now, with Bitcoin slipping well below $20,000 for the first time in over 6 months. It’s not just a gimmick – the key cryptocurrency on

The Crypto Meltdown Continues – Bitcoin Plunges to a New Low

Saying that it hasn’t been a good weekend for crypto investors and holders is an understatement. We’ve gotten used to those big price swings in the past few months, but this weekend and continuing on Monday, Bitcoin hit a new low. Before that happened, the price was already under $30,000,

Bitcoin Tumbles Below $30K, but Manages to Get Back Up

For the umpteenth time in the past month, Bitcoin has dropped under $30K. The critical support levels range between $25-$27,000 with investors looking for a bottom. However, it is hard to be found with such fluctuating prices. Bitcoin is choppier than ever at the $30,000 level, making it hard for