What’s the Reason Behind Bitcoin Dropping Its Previous Gains?

Bitcoin opened this week with a bang. It constantly tested the $28,000 range and even went nicely over it late on Monday before dropping all the gains. Projections for Halloween were great, but sometimes, it all takes a bad turn. As of right now, the price is once again in

What Happens with Bitcoin’s Price This Halloween?

With Halloween coming up fast, traders are anxious to see what happens with the price. The holiday is traditionally important for the financial market and the crypto market too. With the exception of 2018, Halloween has historically been great for Bitcoin. The price in this period was higher than the

The Bitcoin Surge Continues; Can the Monthly Peak Trigger a Bull Run?

Millions of Bitcoin holders around the world have been put on high alert considering Bitcoin’s latest run. After a three-week low, it has managed to cap things off with a new surge that hit over $27,500 in the past 24 hours. There’s been a positive trend developing in the past

Bitcoin’s Price and Coinbase Volumes in a Rare Decoupling; Fears for an FTX-Spurred Crypto Market Crash Are Taken Out of Proportions

According to Mizuho analyst Dan Dolev, we’re currently seeing a strategy decoupling between Bitcoin’s price and Coinbase volumes. Dolev is questioning the viability of Coinbase’s 145% rally this year. Historically, Bitcoin’s price and Coinbase volume have had a very strong relationship. Almost 95% of retain accounting is for trading revenue,

Possible Bull Run Incoming and China is Behind It? September Could be Wild

It’s been months and we’re still waiting for that bull run that everyone promised. Not only there’s no bull run in sight, but crypto prices have been dropping for weeks. Bitcoin is locked in the mid to high $25,000s, which doesn’t exactly suggest an improvement. It has failed to break

The End Might Not be Near Based on Recent On-Chain Analytics

Everyone’s hoping that Bitcoin’s price slide ends soon. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The price has dropped last week and even further down the drain this week. These aren’t huge drops, but they are just enough to shake up things in a negative way. Bitcoin investors and

No New Movements – Why Is Bitcoin’s Price Stuck?

It’s been a long time before there have been any positive movements on the Bitcoin price front. The price has been stuck in the $29,000 range, with no bounces or rebounds. The narrow trading range has been stuck for weeks, and it’s no different this week. Early on Tuesday, the

Bitcoin Oversold at the Moment, Bounces Might be Disappointing

There’s been a clear sign that Bitcoin may be oversold at the moment, as the price hasn’t seen significant positive action for weeks. What’s more, micro dips are happening all the time. But, even then, Bitcoin has been (barely) holding the $29,000 price range, and according to experts, any bounces