Another Bitcoin Price Drop; Upcoming Events Could Have a Bullish Effect

The past week has seen some massive fluctuations in the world of Bitcoin, proving volatility to be in the core of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin experts and holders alike are constantly on the lookout for new indications that could give some insight as to the upcoming shift in marketplace. Still, as

The Bitcoin Yo-Yo Effect; Are Chinese Ponzi Scammers to Blame?

It’s all over the crypto networks – Bitcoin has gone into a new frenzy, several times just today. The cryptocurrency ultimately seems to be settling down at just above $10k at the time of writing, but many fear we haven’t seen the end of it. As CoinMarketCap’s estimates go to

Bitcoin Rises; North Korea Continues Hacks

After dropping down below $10,000 during last week, Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has rallied once again, gaining over $1,000 in value during the period. According to market charts, the rally was supported by an increase in trading which is clearly evident in the 24-hour trading volume

Bitcoin Drops; US Can’t Ban It?

Bitcoin’s price has suffered another drop since we last wrote about it, losing over $500 in value in just one day over the weekend. Unlike a month ago, the trading volume has now significantly subsided, showing less interest in buying or selling the world’s biggest digital asset. But all is

Pantera CEO Expects Bitcoin to Soar to $42,000 By the End Of 2019

If you’ve been following our Bitcoin price news lately, you’ll see that after the slight surge, the leading cryptocurrency is currently stable at around $9.5K. It is constantly testing the $10,000 level, yet technical indicators don’t expect a jump right now. Currently, it’s a bears market, with each high a

Bitcoin Heads to $13,000; $100K Target by 2021?

Bitcoin is once more near $13,000, just like two weeks ago, after a fairly uneventful weekend during which the price remained mostly stagnant. Thanks to a strong bullish market, the cryptocurrency was able to climb upwards, recovering from the losses it suffered during the start of last week. However, as

Bitcoin Recovers; Most Sellers Probably New

After coming close to $13,000 last week, Bitcoin suffered another blow to its price, one that took the coin’s USD value down by over $2,000 during the beginning of this week. Yet, that kind of fluctuation was expected as the market saw incredible gains over the past month, probably leading

Bitcoin Heading to $13,000; Facebook Not the Only Reason

The world’s number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been on fire lately, marking incredible gains week after week. In only seven days since our previous price update, Bitcoin has steadily grown from $9,200 to get close to $13,000 today. And judging from the current signals coming from the market,

Bitcoin Hits $9,000; Facebook to Release Libra Cryptocurrency

The bulls are back and they’re driving the world’s most popular cryptocurrency towards a new 2019 price record and closer to its all-time highs of 2017. Thanks to positive news from the industry and the rise of interest in crypto trading over the past month, Bitcoin has managed to climb

Bitcoin Still Under $8K; $20,000 A Realistic Target?

The world’s number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization has yet to establish a strong support over $8,000 and head on to new heights, despite increasing bullish pressure. During the past seven days since we noticed that bearish trend last Wednesday, the trading market has been changing direction fast, allowing the