Bitcoin Drops; Tether Stability Challenged

Even though last week’s market was quite bullish and the trading volume remained consistently high, Bitcoin still failed to break past $5,800 over the past few days and establish a new support level. With bearish pressure appearing near the end of last week, the cryptocurrency slid down, putting hopes of

Bitcoin Nears $5,600; McAfee Stops Satoshi’s Reveal

The past week has been anything but boring for the cryptocurrency community as a strong bullish sentiment swept over the market and the world got its first hint at who Satoshi Nakamoto could really be. The winner of the past week’s rally is undoubtedly Bitcoin, which grew from a $5,200

Bitcoin Returns to $5.2K; $1 Million Prize Hunt Appears

After two weeks of high trading volume and price increases, Bitcoin is now stabilizing around $5,200 – the same level it established during last week. Following a peak of interest, the cryptocurrency’s daily volume has almost halved but the bullish momentum is still continuing, giving hope to traders expecting new

Bitcoin at $5,200; China Considers Mining Ban

This is proving to be another interesting week for Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency is seeing a strong revival of interest like it hasn’t had for months. After trading volume exploded last week, Bitcoin was not only able to break past $5,000 but it also set a new support level with

Bitcoin Volume Explodes; April Fools’ Jokes Spread

The past week has been very eventful for Bitcoin as the world’s most popular crypto asset was able to show some signs of progress we haven’t seen for quite a while. Indeed, Bitcoin surprised everyone this week when it abruptly shot up close to $4,900, shaking up the image of

Bitcoin Overbought; YouTube Accidentally Promotes Malicious Wallet

Despite the strong bullish sentiment we observed at the middle of the past week, Bitcoin’s USD price has failed to establish a new support level at $4,100 and fell below the $4,000 mark today. As our market data shows, the past seven days were a period of high trading volume,

Bitcoin Hits $4,100; IBM Helps With Rally

Despite Bitcoin turning bearish at the middle of last week, the cryptocurrency was able to steer away from the downward path and set on a new course upwards to get close to $4,100, or around $100 short of its February highs of 2019. Supported by a higher trading volume and

Bitcoin is Bearish; Facebook to Compete Against It

We’re at the middle of the week and Bitcoin is back where it was seven days ago after the price failed to set on a new course, despite a significantly higher trading interest when compared to the previous quarter. After a brief price test at the start of the week,

Bitcoin at $3,900; Quadriga CX Probed by FBI

After suffering a drop at the start of the week, Bitcoin is back to its former levels, moving currently near $3,900.  It seems that there was a surge in selling interest around Monday and Tuesday which tried to push the price downwards but the bulls stuck together and kept it

Bitcoin Slides; Saves Venezuelan Family

This week brought us another price drop for Bitcoin, the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency by market capitalization which sharply slid on Sunday, losing over $300 of its price in a matter of hours. The price advancement we saw last week was lost as the market was swarmed by a high