Price Swinging Around $2,500; Goldman Sachs Predicts Price Growth

Bitcoin price is still oscillating around $2,500, albeit the constant swings. The past few days have been a period when the price could rise by $20, or even $30 in a matter of minutes, and then drop again after few hours. In the past 5 days, the difference between the

Bitcoin near $2.5k; New Ransomware Appears

After suffering a sharp drop on Saturday and causing a short panic wave among investors, Bitcoin has recovered back near the $2.5k range.  Compared to last week, the USD/BTC price is still lower by $200 – a drop that was naturally reflected in other cryptocurrencies on the market as well.

Bitcoin at $2.6k; SegWit Green-lighted

The price of Bitcoin is back over the $2,500 mark, following several days of concerns about whether the strong rally that’s been spanning for over a month now is finally over. After the USD price rapidly declined at the end of last week, it lead to high frequency on the

Bitcoin Continues Rush; Bubble Coming?

Ever since a month ago, when the price of Bitcoin broke out of the $2,000 range, things have been going very fast for the most popular cryptocurrency as a global buying wave pushed the price even higher, at one point even very close to $3,000 per 1 BTC. And looking

Bitcoin Price Near $1,460 on Strong Demand in Japan

Bitcoin is once again breaking record after record, thanks to an uninterrupted streak of acceptance from several major markets in the world. After hitting $1,300 for the first time ever last week, the price didn’t take a pause but kept moving forward while the trading market saw an amount of

New Benchmark Reached, Bitcoin Price Now over $1,300

Bitcoin reached an all-time high, with the price exceeding $1,300 this morning. It is obvious that there’s an upward trend since our last update, when the price was around $1,200. For a while, it seemed that the price might stabilise around $1,220 or $1,230 but it kept growing, before finally

Bitcoin Near $1,200; Large Bitcoin Collider Appears

During the past week since our last update, the price of Bitcoin has remained around the $1,200 level that we’ve been seeing often in the past month-two, with some expected fluctuations during the weekend. However, in the past 24 hours there has been news about worrying measures in one of

Bitcoin Rolls Back; Miners Made Billions

We’re at the middle of the week with the price of Bitcoin back at where it was two days ago. Like we talked about in our last update, the price remained around the $1,210 level until a new buying wave that this week’s geopolitical events likely triggered pushed it up

Bitcoin Goes Up; India to Decide Legality

We’re starting off the week with the price of Bitcoin back at $1,200 after Sunday trading pushed it back to former highs, despite the trading market noting a relatively milder interest during the weekend. Bitcoin’s price has been consolidating at this range for nearly a full day now, while current

Bitcoin at $1,180; Japan Retailers Embrace it

We’re right at the end of the week with the price of Bitcoin at the $1,180 range thanks to increased interest from traders. The past couple of days have been a period of positive news and the Bitcoin price directly reflected this mood, especially since the fear of hard forks