Bitcoin Rises by Over 10%, a Perfect Storm Before the Halving?

After a mixed start to the year, Bitcoin is once again back on the path to success. The world’s oldest – and largest – cryptocurrency is doing just fine during the coronavirus pandemic. After a few weeks of jumping up and down the $6K-$7K ladder, Bitcoin finally broke the $7K

Bitcoin Closing in on $7K

After a bit of a slide last week, Bitcoin is doing good again amidst oil and stock prices going down. That’s a good thing since the drop in oil prices is negatively affecting the stock market which, of course, is tied into Bitcoin. The good news is that Bitcoin is

Bitcoin’s Price Slides, but a Savior May Be on the Horizon

After a few days over the $7K mark which was seen as very positive news for Bitcoin, the price slid down the past few days. It’s not as sharp as a slide as the one back at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s still a dip below $7,000

Bitcoin Rallies – $8K a Reasonable Target for a Bulls Market

After the historic collapse a few weeks ago, Bitcoin has recovered pretty well, to say the least. The leading cryptocurrency in the world was battered by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic just like any other stock. It fell down below the $4,000 mark for the first time in years and there

The Latest Price Consolidation Calls for a Rally

In the past few weeks and especially the past month, Bitcoin has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, traders heard great news as the leading cryptocurrency raced over the $6,000 mark after hitting a low below $4,000. Although it tested $7,000 on several occasions, Bitcoin couldn’t make a

Bitcoin Price Soars as Miners Return

Saying that the last few weeks have been hard on Bitcoin is an understatement. The largest cryptocurrency in the world has been battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering blow after blow each day. From a bull market not a month ago, the price has hit points below $4K. As prices

Bitcoin Price Jumps Back After Trump’s Coronavirus Response Package

The coronavirus global outbreak has hit the world hard. Economies are hanging by a thread, businesses are shutting down, and royalties are taking massive dips in price. Bitcoin has taken quite a hit as well. After starting the year with a bang, the leading cryptocurrency in the world has seen

Bitcoin Continues to Slide – Is There a Reason to Panic?

After a strong start to the year, Bitcoin has once again fallen into a bit of a slump. While experts are not that concerned, traders are hit with bad news every week. Last week, for example, Bitcoin couldn’t break the $8,950 support level and this week, it went down to

Resistance at $8,950 Could Prevent Bitcoin’s Price to Jump Up

Bitcoin’s upward price trend in the past month has apparently cooled down. Although the price drops aren’t that dramatic, it has failed to reach the $10K level for the second week in a row, bringing back memories of 2019 crypto owners and traders are not fond of. After shooting past

The Coronavirus Is the Reason for Bitcoin’s Latest Price Dip

The global panic over the spread of the coronavirus affects the economy in different ways. It has broken trade lines and caused massive transit delays and cancellations affecting the price of gold and oil. It has even managed to massively hit the blockchain. After a few strong months, Bitcoin experienced