The Bitcoin Market Goes Sideways Once Again

Expert predictions that Bitcoin will fall below $8K came to life this week after the leading cryptocurrency by market volume fell beneath the mark. High trader levels are nowhere to be found right now with Bitcoin’s price currently sits at $7,000. Although the daily average shows a slight gain, it’s

Bitcoin In Overbought Land; Is Something Bigger On the Horizon?

Last week, we talked about Bitcoin’s run at $9.5K and how it could spell a potential breakout. Well, that didn’t happen, with the leading cryptocurrency once again falling down although not by much. Currently, BTC hovers right around the $9.4K mark and is up 2% over the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin Tackles $9.5K – Could it Signal a Breakout?

Bitcoin really can’t catch a break right now. The negative bearish trend continues with bulls nowhere in sight. There may be a faint signal of a breakout, though. Yesterday, a bullish breakout saw the world’s leading cryptocurrency race to challenge the $9.5K level, although sadly it couldn’t break it. The

Bitcoin Continues Slide, but Experts Remain Optimistic

After falling over 20% in late September, there hasn’t been any good news for Bitcoin. The world’s leading cryptocurrency can’t stay stable for more than a few days seemingly stuck in a plummeting whirlwind. Just last week, it suffered another blow when everyone started trading sideways causing the market to

A New Blow for Bitcoin; Altcoins Suffering Once Again

Last week, we wrote about the bearish Bitcoin market and talked about a possible comeback. That is yet to materialize – over the past week, there have been no positive signs for a Bitcoin price surge. Even worse, the leading cryptocurrency in the world suffered a new blow. Although it’s

Bears in Control of Bitcoin’s Price; a Quick Bounce Back on the Cards?

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast or just following the Bitcoin market from a neutral point of view, it’s fair to say that the main cryptocurrency isn’t doing well this year. After a mid-year surge that put it over $10K against the American dollar, Bitcoin has dipped all the way down

Is Bakkt Responsible for Bitcoin’s Crash?

In recent months, Bitcoin’s price was all over the place. It shot up over $10K in June, then crashed down to Earth after a period of stable price around the $10K mark. In the past few weeks, Bitcoin’s price has plummeted, however, and analysts from JP Morgan think they know