Bitcoin at $3,900; Quadriga CX Probed by FBI

After suffering a drop at the start of the week, Bitcoin is back to its former levels, moving currently near $3,900.  It seems that there was a surge in selling interest around Monday and Tuesday which tried to push the price downwards but the bulls stuck together and kept it

Bitcoin Slides; Saves Venezuelan Family

This week brought us another price drop for Bitcoin, the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency by market capitalization which sharply slid on Sunday, losing over $300 of its price in a matter of hours. The price advancement we saw last week was lost as the market was swarmed by a high

Bitcoin Breaks $4,000; Samsung Wallet Coming?

After lying around flat for most of last week, Bitcoin’s USD value shot up on the weekly price chart this Monday, pushing the cryptocurrency over $4,000. Judging from the market statistics, it was a big surge in trading volume that drove the price increase accompanied by a bullish market sentiment.

Bitcoin at $3,700; Android App Targets BTC Wallets

The past week has been an interesting time for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency as the coin reached a new three week high. Right before the start of the weekend, Bitcoin suddenly broke away from the bearish path it set out on last Wednesday, supported by a jump in trading

Bitcoin Bearish; Crypto Exchange Loses Access to $190 Million

The past week was another stormy period for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space as the worlds’ most dominant digital coin failed to break away from its $3,500 range while another scandal shook the crypto market. Although the USD value of the coin is similar to where it was a week

Bitcoin Drops Lower; Proves Less of a Hedge Than Gold

The bearish trend we observed during our update last week seems to have intensified over the weekend, triggering another price decline for Bitcoin. At the start of the week, the cryptocurrency fell down further from its previous price range pushed by a higher trading volume than usual. Yet, current market

Bitcoin Stabilizing; Coinbase Increases Support

Bitcoin seems to be consolidating after a quite uneventful week marked only by a few changes in the cryptocurrency’s USD value. After achieving a small jump near the end of the weekend, Bitcoin is back at $3,600 again while interest in trading the coin is lower than when compared to

Bitcoin Price Drops; Anonymous Miners Taking Over?

Despite Bitcoin showing bullish signs at the middle of last week, the cryptocurrency actually headed in a different direction during the past couple of days, failing to break the resistance level at $4,200 and dropping down to $3,660. Looking at the stats from this period, it seems that the price

Bitcoin Jumps to $4,000; Winklevosses Not Giving Up

Whereas  the start of last year brought bad news for the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency amidst a global crypto hype, the beginning of 2019 heralds new hope for Bitcoin and other alternative coins. During the first weekend of this year, the coin jumped upwards to $4,000 in USD value supported

Bitcoin in the New Year: Mining Difficulties and Chinese Interest

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency by trading volume and most popular digital asset –Bitcoin– is starting the new year on a bullish note after weeks of being bearish. Over the course of the past week, the coin‘s USD price oscillated mildly when compared to previous weeks, dropping down by over $200