Bitcoin Could Finally be in for a Bull Run

After a massive price boost last week, price indicators show that Bitcoin could finally be in for a bull run. That’s great news for investors and traders who have been hoping on a bull run since August. After that last run, the leading cryptocurrency in the world suffered a massive

Bitcoin Rallies to Two-Month High

Last week brought positive news for Bitcoin owners and traders as the cryptocurrency made a huge jump from $7K amidst trouble in the Middle East. Once the dust settled it went back to mid $7K, but now the price has soared once again, jumping to its two-month high. Over the

Bitcoin Price Soars Amidst USA-Iran Tensions

After months of falling into an abyss that could have spelled its doom, Bitcoin’s price is finally up a notch. Sadly, it might have been inspired by bad news. As tensions arise in the Middle East, Bitcoin’s price has soared high along with gold and oil prices. Prices fuelled by

Bears Rejected $7,300; the Price Currently Floats Over $7K

As we enter 2020, there have been no new developments regarding the price of Bitcoin. The price is still holding over $7K with no bears in sight. In the past few days, the leading cryptocurrency was rejected near the $7,300 mark on a few occasions keeping the bear market alive.

Bitcoin Price Gets a Miraculous Christmas Boost

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. A festive season of feasts and plenty of gifts, it’s the same for the crypto community. Bitcoin traditionally gets a Christmas price boost, and this year’s boost could save it from sinking into oblivion. After months of slipping down, the price

Bitcoin Goes Under $7K; Altcoins Take a Beating

The psychological $7K mark was Bitcoin’s life support for weeks. Now that it’s gone, it gives fuel to Bitcoin haters and even governments who believe that the leading cryptocurrency is too unstable to be backed up. It’s fair to say that 2019 hasn’t been the year of Bitcoin and there

No Major Bitcoin Price Developments; Big Move on the Cards?

There have been no major Bitcoin price developments since last week. The market is still moving sideways with bears dominating the price for months now. Experts are still waiting on the bulls to move the needle in the opposite direction, but apart from a few flashes, bulls have been dormant

The Bitcoin Market Goes Sideways Once Again

Expert predictions that Bitcoin will fall below $8K came to life this week after the leading cryptocurrency by market volume fell beneath the mark. High trader levels are nowhere to be found right now with Bitcoin’s price currently sits at $7,000. Although the daily average shows a slight gain, it’s