Bitcoin on the Rise, But Short-Term Prospects Are Bleak

Bitcoin began this week with a 5%+ fall to around $53,000 on Monday. This stopped Ethereum’s rally with a bang, with Ether unable to break past the $4K mark. That has changed in less than 48 hours, with the whole market currently seeing green. The leading cryptocurrency itself is up

Bitcoin Gets a Much-Needed Break; Ethereum’s Price Soars

After hitting heights previously unseen early last month, Bitcoin’s price has dipped once again. It has been hovering around $54K for the past few days, consolidating after an expected bull run. Some investors were scared after the massive dip, yet all technical details point to another great run that will

Bitcoin Bounces Back from Last Week’s Slump

After a week of serious price drops, Bitcoin is back to the usual stuff. The leading cryptocurrency by market volume is retracing its steps back to $60K and beyond with a 10% price climb on Monday. It continued for the biggest part of Tuesday, consolidating around the $54,000 mark where

Bitcoin’s Latest Price Drop Gives Investors a Chance

If you haven’t heard the news, Bitcoin dropped sharply over the weekend. Last week, we talked about its rise to a new price point record. That happened on Tuesday when the leading cryptocurrency hit $64,000 per coin. Since then, the market has shifted its narrative, leading to a price drop

Bitcoin Breaks New Price Record

After a few weeks of ups and downs, Bitcoin has just reached a new price milestone as of yesterday. The leading cryptocurrency broke the $63K mark and shot up to $64K where it currently stands. The sharp rise retained most of Bitcoin’s latest gains, with experts adamant that the next

Bitcoin Drops Sharply in 5 Minutes on Tuesday

Although steady at the moment, Bitcoin’s price continues to be a massive rollercoaster. After spiking over $10,000 on June 1 amidst the riots in the USA, it fell sharply a day later. The leading cryptocurrency dropped $800 in around 5 minutes before consolidating around the $9,500 mark. This pushed the

Bitcoin’s Price Dwindles as Bearish Sentiment Looms Over

The Bitcoin halving that took place on May 12 was supposed to send the price of the leading cryptocurrency flying. The opinions on that matter were very divided. While some experts and analysts believed that it will happen in the short term, others were not so optimistic. After a week

Bitcoin Aiming for $10K

It’s been a full week after the Bitcoin halving and the price has yet to explode like many believed it would. That’s expected – in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Bitcoin has yet to reach legendary price heights. Since the halving didn’t immediately skyrocket the price, many believed

Bitcoin Halving Turns Out a Non-Event

For months now, the Bitcoin halving event was a shining beacon that can restore the leading cryptocurrencies to its former glory. It’s not a secret that Bitcoin didn’t have an exactly booming 2019, and things weren’t great at the beginning of 2020. However, its price started growing in early February

Miners Hoard with a Week Left Until the Halving

We’re on the verge of a truly historical event in the history of cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin halving is scheduled for May 12, 2020, and it could be the one that makes or breaks the leading cryptocurrency in the world. This will be the first block reward halving in Bitcoin’s history.